What We’re Doing This Week: June 21, 2013

I didn’t do a weekly wrap-up last week.  My older two kids were at the beach with my Mom and Dad, and most of the pictures that I had of my younger two were of  them sitting around the dining room table painting and gluing macaroni onto construction paper.  Still, seeing pictures of my little painters never gets old (at least not to me) 😀

Little Painters

And we did manage to make these pretty handprint flowers while the big kids were gone.

Handprint Flowers

It was happy  for me to have my big kids home though all week this week.  My house is just so quiet and peaceful with just two kids.  When you have four kids, something’s always happening, and I get used to it.

We went to my grandmother’s house on Father’s Day and had lunch with my parents and cousins and uncle and aunt.  My Mom took a pretty good picture of the kids with my grandmother.

The toddlers have been wearing their sunglasses around the house and pretending to be super spies.  They may be under the influence of Undercover Dora.  I especially like the picture of Monkey in the lower right hand corner of the collage below.  He’s wearing a cape that I made from a t-shirt.  They’re very easy to make, and I was thrilled that he loves his new superhero cape so much.

Father's day and toddlers

Monday, we talked about Australia and how the seasons are opposite ours.  We pulled out a couple of winter books; we made chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate; we watched some winter movies.  It was a great special day.

The most popular thing I did though was that I made gingerbread scented playdough and let them use my gingerbread man cookie cutters.  It started off a week of playing with playdough a lot.  I even made a big new batch of yellow since yellow was the color that I’ve been talking about with the toddlers this week.  I showed the little guys how to make “snakes” and turn them into circles.

new playdough

The collage below: clockwise from top left.  (1) Monkey pretending to be Hulk.  (2) Our devotional from Grace for the Moment.  Sometimes I’m pretty sure I need those more than the kids.  (3)  Our “aquarium” of red fish and blue fish on my pantry door.  Our preschool (and First Grade) book of the week is One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish.  Firecracker decided that he wanted to make fish too, and I thought it was cute because he didn’t want to use the tissue paper.  He just colored his with markers because he didn’t want to make a mess.  (4)  Rose pretending to be a weather girl with her homemade TV.


I love the picture of Owlet below.  She’s wearing her cape more like a toga, and she’s building a “tower.”  She keeps saying, “Mommy, look at my tower!!”  The other two pictures below are Rose putting on a one person Snow White play with some masks that I found here.  With Firecracker working with my Dad, she and I have been celebrating our love of all things Disney Princess on the days that he’s gone.  We watched Snow White yesterday.

snow white and towers

Firecracker is largely absent from the collages this week, but he just finished a Ninja weapon project that he’s really proud of.  It seems like I mostly got toddler cuteness with my camera the past two weeks.  However, here’s a picture Mom sent me from a day he was working, and pretending to drive my Dad’s car.


Also, new on the blog this week is a review of a classic reproduction of Spurgeon’s Advice for Seekers from Attic Books. Next week, I plan to talk resources for fall (Yes, I’ve had the “What do we want to learn about?” talk with the kids this week.) and maybe get back to writing about Genesis.  I also have a long overdue cross-stitch update that I’m working on.

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14 thoughts on “What We’re Doing This Week: June 21, 2013

  1. Thanks for linking with Collage Friday. I was just talking with a friend of mine today who has four children — two of them were on the mission trip with my daughter this past week — tonight she texted me and said it was so nice to have all the kids back together in the nest! She said it’s just too quiet with only 2 kids in the house. I can’t say I know what that feels like – because 2 is busy for me. 🙂

    Looks like you had a great week!

    1. By the third day, my husband was talking about how boring our house was. It helped that my parents texted us several pictures of them having fun.

  2. macaroni and construction paper, sunglasses and superhero capes – does life get any better than than?!
    We were home last night with only our 4 youngest. Crazy how much simpler life is when the older ones are gone – tons more leftovers, too!
    Enjoy your weekend

  3. I know that once you have a bigger family, having “only” 2 is such a break! When I had 2, it was so much work but now it feels like a vacation if there are only 2 in the house! Sounds like a really fun week…we always make gingerbread playdough near Christmastime.

    1. So true! When I only had two kids, two seemed like a whole lot. It’s funny how perspective changes things 🙂

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