Ninja Weapon Almanac

We’ve been reading a lot about Ninjas this summer.  Our main source book right now is Ninja: The Shadow Warrior by Joel Levy.  The writing is very over an 8-year old’s level, but Firecracker insists on reading it every day.  I’m not sure how much he’s getting out of it.

A few days ago he was talking about the almanac that was reading on his Plants vs. Zombies game.  He could easily tell which zombies were what with the almanac.  I told him, “Guess what?  We can make an almanac of ninja weapons from the ninja book we’ve been reading!”

This idea was a success, and over the course of three days, and with a little help from me and Google (to find pictures of the weapons), Firecracker managed to write his own almanac on ninja weapons.  Each page has the name of the weapon and a drawing of it.  Sometimes gratuitous drawings of Ninjas using the weapons are included.

Almanac 1


Almanac 2


Almanac 3


He worked hard and is very excited over the results.  Now he has a whole range of weapons to reference back to in his drawings.


5 thoughts on “Ninja Weapon Almanac

    1. I know! Hubby also told me that they’re developing a first-person shooter Plants vs. Zombies 3, and that totally takes all the fun out of it for me 😦

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