Advice for Seekers

A couple of months ago, I requested a book called Advice For Seekers from New Leaf Publishing Group.  I didn’t pay much attention to what it was because the title spoke to me.  I’ve always been a seeker, looking for a place to belong.

They sent me a print version, and as it turns out, Advice for Seekers is a beautiful Attic Books imprint reproduction of a classic book by Charles Spurgeon.  The book is a diminutive 5 x 7 hardcover.  The edges of the pages are rough-cut and the design on the cover is a faux-aged beige print.

I loved the book instantly, and put it on one of my cluttered bookshelves.  (Homeschooling Mom hazard) I lost it.  It was completely gone.  No trace.  I thought I might never get to read it.

I was clearing out our bookshelves this weekend, so that I could strew a few new books for the kids, and I found it.  I was so excited.  I dropped everything to sit and read.

The target of Spurgeon’s book is the classic seeker.  He’s speaking to those mentioned in such passages as Hebrews 6–the people who have tasted of the knowledge of Christ and seen the power of his Spirit in the church but who have not entered into a deeper relationship with him.

I don’t feel qualified to actually review Spurgeon’s words themselves, but I do have a couple of favorite quotes to share.  I have to note here that this book was written in 1896, and those who get their information in 140 character segments, may find him a little hard follow.

From the beginning of the book, on the failings of the Law for salvation:

The way up to heaven by Mount Sinai is very steep and narrow, and by one wrong step a man is dashed to pieces.

From the chapter “Something to Be Set Right,” where Spurgeon explains that failure to believe and to be able to pray stems from the heart of man, and not from a failing in God:

If you are not saved, it is because you will not believe in Jesus.  There is the only hitch and the only difficulty.  Your damnation is not of God, but of yourself; it is necessitated by your own wilful wickedness in not believing in Christ: but inasmuch as you are so wicked as to dare to excuse yourself, you have great need of healing, urgent need of saving.

And from the chapter, “A needless Question Answered,” what makes our faith in Jesus superior.

The reason why faith in the Lord Jesus is a superior act to faith in any one else lies in this fact–that it is a superior person whom thou believest in, and superior news that thou dost believe”

This was an excellent little read, and a beautiful reproduction of a classic.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a review, and I was not required to write a favorable review.  This book is available for purchase through New Leaf Publishing, Amazon, Christian Books and Barnes and Noble.

Not convinced it’s for you?  Check out the other reviews from New Leaf Publishing’s Advice for Seekers review link-up.



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