Tissue Paper Windsock

In our studies of Japan, we ran across a holiday called “For the Children” day.  It was a day to celebrate all children in Japan, and the primary way that the parents celebrated was to hang out a carp windsock/banner for each boy that they had in their house.

We decided to give our own banner making a try.  To make a banner, you need a piece of tissue paper, markers, pipe cleaners and yarn.

You begin by folding your tissue paper in half lengthwise.  You want it to be long, but skinny.  Then, you’re going to draw your design on the banner, making sure that the edge of the design is as wide as the width of the tissue paper.

Then you’re going to cut out the shape of the banner and unfold the paper.



You will draw your design with markers on the tissue paper.  You might want to have newspaper down to keep the tissue from bleeding onto your table.  Also, remember that tissue paper is fragile.  Rose poked several holes in her windsock by bearing down to hard with the markers.



After you decorate the sides, the next thing you’re going to do is to take a pipe cleaner (or two if you used a big piece of tissue paper) and make a circle.  We then wrapped the edges of the tissue paper that had the fish’s mouth around the pipe cleaner and taped into place.

I also taped the edges of teh tissue paper together to give it more of a windsock form and had the kids cute the fish’s tail into strips.  That goave the banner a good windsock shape.

There’s plenty of room to attache as yarn hangerto the windsock.  We actually went with a fairly long hanger because my kids want to fly the windsocks like kites.

Tissue Paper Windsock



4 thoughts on “Tissue Paper Windsock

  1. What a great craft to go along with a study of Japan, of course, I’m sure the children would enjoy this at any time. The next time we do some global studies I will have to remember this. (I did find it interesting that the holiday is called “For the Children” yet they put these up for the boys in the house.)
    Thanks for sharing on Throwback Thursday! I can’t wait to see what you share this week.

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