A little sin?

A Little Sin

I can’t help myself.  Today, I’m writing more about Lot.

I’ve had one of those bad, “I’d like to run out the door crying” kinds of weeks.  We all have them.  This parenting gig is tough.  It’s brutal.

I have a child who doesn’t accept correction well (Well, two if you count the two year old.)  On days like today, the price of demanding correct treatment for that child’s siblings makes me wish I had not even mentioned that perhaps an apology for hitting is in order.

That’s when it’s really a battle of my fleshly desire to maintain the peace battles that child’s fleshly desire to be right.

Unfortunately, I’m the adult.  Even worse, I’m the Mom.  I have to lean on God and trust that he’ll make me what I should be for my children.

I think about Lot.  I read Genesis,19.  I’m sure that most of my readers have too.  Lot made some horrible decisions.  He was surrounded by depravity and his vision of right and wrong had become blurred.

I must for my sake–and my children’s sakes–surround myself with scripture and with other people who are in the word.

I’ve looked around myself and I have seen what happens when we take our focus off of God, even just for a moment.  We start sinking in our sins.

Lot moved into Sodom, a city so depraved that God destroyed it.  Yet, he seemed to think, even without any support he could handle the sin and still come out okay.

Instead things even got so bad for him that he offered to sacrifice his daughters to the men of the city.

Even after that verse 16 tells us that Lot, knowing the city was about to be destroyed, lingered in the city.  He was unwilling to leave the place of sin, the place of his slide away from God.

He thought that he could enjoy a little sin in Sodom and still be in control.  He did not realize that giving into our flesh and our desires only opens us up to greater and greater sin.

He is a marked contrast in Genesis to Abraham who always is up early, obeying God in the morning.

I have to acknowledge here that 2 Peter refers to Lot as righteous, and discusses how he was distressed by the conduct and wickedness of the city.  I would have a hard time reconciling the two were it not for the time that I’ve spent in torment over my own sins, yet without the ability and/or motivation to actually change.

What I do know is this.  Ephesians 4:18-19 says, “They are darkened in their understanding, alienated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them, due to the hardness of their heart.  They have become callous and have given themselves up to sensuality, greedy to practice every kind of impurity.”

Sin begets sin.  I have to pick my battles with both myself and with my kids so that we encourage each other instead of being a discouraging force.  Yet, I have to uproot sin where I can as we go about our daily lives.

My rule is that I have to focus on my own sin first.  I have to be what I want my children to become.  If God’s still working on me, then I can trust that he’s still working on my precious children too.

As for the hard to correct one?  There’s a bit of pride there.  It’s okay.  That child gets it from me.  There’s also a sensitivity there and a deep conscience.  I have to work hard not to shame that child and to let the Holy Spirit do his work in that child’s life.


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