Thankfulness: May 29, 2013

I’ve had a hard time remembering to write things in my notebook lately.  Like any practice, it’s easy to fall out of the habit of looking at your blessings.  Of course, just when you fall out of practice it’s the time you need to practice most of all.

276.  Watching Ironman 3 with hubby

277.  Celebrating my grandmother’s birthday

278.  Beautiful day outside

279.  Some Bible study I’ve been doing.

280.  Late night Dora the Explorer

281.  Owlet answering Dora

282.  Monopoly with the kids

283.  Cookouts with the family

284.  Afternoon naps

285.  Monkey in the swimming pool.  He had on his ring and water wings.  He floated around saying, “I am such a big boy.”

286.  Chocolate chip zucchini bread

287.  My new ice cream maker

288.  Hubby’s car is fixed

289.  Working on memorizing Psalms 40:8

290.  Owlet’s pigtails

291.  Folding clothes

292.  Hubby doing dishes for me.

293.  Plants vs. Zombies

294.  Holidays

295.  Watching Beth Moore lectures late at night

296.  Rose’s fierce attitude

297.  Owlet’s cuddles


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