What We’re Doing This Week: May 24, 2013

This was a good week.  We got back into a regular rhythm.  We played.  We sang.  We did crafts.  We read together.  It was everything that makes me happy in normal week.

I will confess that until I started looking at the photos we took and the things that we did this week, I did wonder if we’d spent the whole week playing Plants vs. Zombies and watching Dora the Explorer.  Speaking of Plants vs. Zombies, Firecracker beat it today for what he says is “the first time.”

Rose picked up a new interest this week as well.  She had received a Lalaloopsy fashion design book for Christmas, but had never used it.  When I had some extra time to focus on her this week, I realized that Rose didn’t really understand how to use the stencils.  and the doll pictures together.  She’s definitely learned now, and has been designing up a whole pretend wardrobe for her dolls.

Lalaloopsy Fashion

We’ve also worked some more on our Japanese New Year’s dolls.  We’ve been trying to cover the newspaper with red paint so that we can paint the dolls faces on.  The red paint I have is thin and doesn’t cover well, so we’re going to be working on them some more next week 🙂

new year's dolls

Every day at some point I have two toddlers sitting in my lap for 30 minutes or more at a time wanting to do “Round and Round the Garden,” “Pat-a-Cake” or counting games on their hands.  The preschool years are starting again here.  I’m so lucky and some days exhausted.

I’ve been starting to work with Rose on some art journal pages.  This week, I showed her how to make firework flowers.

I’ve been seeing Firecracker’s army men everywhere lately.  He’s constantly using them for battle.

We talked about Jesus blessing the little children this week, and we did a water color of Numbers 6:24-26.  That worked out perfectly since we we’re in the middle of reading numbers during our Bible study time.

other work

Firecracker’s worked with my Dad three days this week.  He’s learning to do “manly stuff.”  He’s setting fires, building  things, using a pocket knife and watching cars.  Once this week, at the end of the day, the other kids went over and played with him in a humongous dirt pile that my parents currently have at their house.  (They’ve dug out a basement where they’re remodeling their house, and have a lot of  extra dirt in yard.)

Playing in the dirt

While Firecracker works, I’ve been spending some intentional time with the little ones doing crafts and stories.  This week we read Llama Llama Red Pajama and talked about the color red.  We also worked on a days of creation book.  The blue painting and cotton ball creations you see are from Day 2.  We also made coffee filter Earths this week, but our Earths are very green.  I think we got a little too crazy with the water sprayer.



We went over to my Grandmother’s on Sunday to celebrate her birthday.  🙂  We also found a really cool blue lizard this week.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen a lizard so pretty.

We’ve also played plenty, both with our toys and on our video games.


Rose and Random


Saturday night, my parents kept the children while Hubby and I went and saw Ironman III.  It was an excellent idea.  We enjoyed the movie, and the kids look like they were much too busy to miss us at all.


With Nana & Grandad


We also finished one of our bigger parent-led projects of the Spring.  As a way to celebrate Easter with the kids, at the beginning of March, I downloaded the Jesus word cloud words from Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett.  We’ve been adding a couple of words a week since then.  The calendar that I showed you last week is what is going to take the place of this activity for the next couple of months.


word clouds


Well, I guess that’s it for this week.  I can’t believe it but Firecracker has been working with drawing tutorials all week from this website but I have yet to snap a picture of it.  Most of the drawing tutorials he’s used so far have been from Plants vs. Zombies or Super Mario Brothers but this site is a treasure for him.

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