Thankfulness: May 15, 2013

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last thankfulness list.  It’s really more because I’ve had a dark attitude the past couple of weeks.  Sometimes when bad things happen, you don’t immediately count it all joy.  There are some thank yous that are harder than others.

With that in mind, I have a really long list this time.  They’re not all easy things for me to be thankful for.  Like the way that life itself is messy and beautiful, my hard thank-yous and my happy thank-yous are all jumbled together.

228.  I was able to visit my grandfather’s house several times before he died.

229.  I was able to say good-bye to my grandfather while he was sleeping.

230.  Firecracker’s enthusiasm for directing the things that he wants to learn about.

231.  A solid afternoon of creating and working on projects.

232.  That my grandfather isn’t in pain any more

233.  One day there will be no death. (Rev 21:4)

234.  My grandfather loved his family

235.  My grandfather was a Christian

236.  One day there will be no cancer.

237.  One day there will be no pain.

238.  One day there will be no tears

239.  This song

240.  One day we will be with the lord forever (I Thes. 4:17)

241.  The death of a saint is precious to the Lord (Ps. 116:15)

242.  My memories of my grandfather’s voice

243.  My memories of my grandfather’s hugs

244.  Every second that I remember being with my grandfather

245.  The job I worked for most of my adult life.  I got to see my grandfather almost every single day.

246.  God will wipe away my tears (Rev. 21:4)

247.  The high compliment that Rose gave me this week.  She said, “We haven’t had school all week.”  In truth, Tuesday was the only day that we didn’t have school.

248.  Half-off pizza at Papa Johns from big Braves win.

249.  Mountain Dew

250.  Monkey starts climbing on my couch because he has sticky powers and can climb walls.  This makes sense to me since he also claims to be Spiderman.

251.  Seeing a food and remembering my grandfather’s love for it.

252.  The little things that I remember my grandfather liking and disliking.

253.  All the birdhouses in my grandfather’s yard

254.  My grandfather’s meek and quiet spirit….at least, that’s what he always displayed to me

255.  The roses that my children gave me for Mother’s Day

256.  Watching the kids giggle over a game on my Kindle

257.  A nap on Mother’s Day

258.  My kids having time to play with cousins

259.  Dinner out with just Hubby and Owlet

260.  Finishing making my Mother’s Day presents on time.

261.  Owlet’s joy in ice cream

262.  Seeing old pictures of my grandfather, especially the ones in his Army uniform, at the funeral home.

263.  That Hubby’s Dad was off work on the day that my Hubby’s car broke down on the interstate.

264.  That we’re going to be able to (barely) afford to fix Hubby’s car.

265.  My grandfather’s funeral was on a beautiful day.

266.  My grandfather is buried in a beautiful cemetery.

267.  The way Monkey ran to me during the six gun salute at my grandfather’s burial service.

268.  The way my kids attacked our new produce basket.  We’ve only had it 24 hours and half the fruit is gone.

269.  Firecracker’s absorption of science facts from Wild Kratts

270.  A normal day.

271.  Firecracker received his Sparky award at AWANA award ceremony.

272.  The fist pump Firecracker did when he received his Sparky award.

273.  The end of AWANA means that all of our activities are on summer break

274.  Owlet’s late night singing to me.

275.  A favorite song from my grandfather’s funeral

I always feel embarrassed when my real life is messy as if it shouldn’t be, but that is real life.  Since so much of my list this week was dedicated to my grandfather, who will always be my Paw, I thought I’d leave you with one of my favorite pictures of him.  This is from the last Christmas before he got sick with my older two sweet babies.

My main regret is that I don’t have a picture of him with all four kids together.  Even when I had a couple of opportunities at his house to get one, I didn’t want to hassle him for pictures 😦  Lesson learned.  Don’t feel bad for bringing out the camera.

Thanking God...Even When It's Hard



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