Egg Carton Caterpillars

With Spring weather and our current focus on insects, I’ve been looking for some fun and easy projects.  Even more importantly, I’ve been wanting to start doing crafts that incorporate all four of the kids.

I do a good job at working with the older two.  In fact, we’re in a routine.  The idea of getting out the paints or whatever and making a mess with the little kids does not always come easily to me.  However, in my quest to teach and have fun with the kids, I often have to get beyond my ideas of what is an acceptable mess and embrace reality 😀

Monkey brought home an egg carton butterfly from church recently.  It had the pastel blue egg cups for a body and the wings that he had colored, mostly in the color green, taped on.  That reminded me of a very classic craft–the egg carton caterpillar.

So, one afternoon last week, when I was feeling adventurous, we got out the paints and all four children painted some cardboard egg cups that I’ve been saving.







(As you might can tell, my picture are a little blurry.  I didn’t realize that Owlet had been messing with my camera lens and gotten fingerprints on it…again…until after the pictures were taken.)

By the time we were finished, Monkey had paint in his hair and on his mouth.  He even painted himself a little mustache.  Owlet spent more time painting her arms than she did the caterpillar.  I rushed them straight from the table to the bathtub!!

After we let them dry for a day or two, I put in the antennae and the kids decorated them with google eyes.  I somehow didn’t get a picture of Firecracker’s caterpillar, but the other ones turned out really cute 🙂

Egg Carton Caterpillars



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