Pinterest Project: Peg Doll Ninjas

Firecracker was looking through Pinterest a couple of months ago and found a link to these Ninja dolls.  He wanted me to buy them for him, but I refused.  I told him that it would be cheaper and easier to just make our own.

Fast forward a couple of months.  Firecracker was still asking for us to make the Ninja dolls.  I was still saying, “Well, as soon as I get to Hobby Lobby….”  Guess what?  I finally got to Hobby Lobby.

You need to buy the little wooden game piece figurines.  If you go into a store like Hobby Lobby, they’ll be on the rows of woodcrafting pieces.

We used a yellow sharpie marker to color in the face color.  Then we used black sharpies to color in the rest of the Ninja costume.  This is what the end piece looks like.  You could also do this with paint, but my son is a Sharpie fiend 🙂


It ended up being an easy-peasy art project, and lots of fun for Firecracker to play with.  He even dressed up in his Ninja costume to play with his dolls.

Peg Doll Ninjas


Knowing him, there were probably some Angry Birds or Star Wars figurines involved in playtime too!


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