Cross-Stitch Update

Remember when I used to blog about cross-stitching?  I do too.  I have been cross-stitching.  I’ve just been too lazy to take pictures lately and post them.

I’ve been working on a picture called “Cacti,” and I’m almost halfway finished, but I’ve lost steam on it.  This is the picture for how it’s looking right now.



I plan on putting it away and coming back to it later.  I’ve just got so many things that I want to stitch that this one has fallen by the wayside.  I’m putting it away until the mood strikes me again.

I’ve been working on some blackwork motifs the past few days that are designed by Clare Clensy.  They came in issue 203 of The World of Cross-Stitching as a free booklet packaged with the magazine.    This is a shot of the two motifs that I’ve finished this week.



I’m using white Aida 18 count and the Madeira threads that came with my magazine.  They are #304 (coral) and #1104 (mint green).  I’ve also taken some close-up shots of the motifs.  As you’ll see, I’m having a little bit of a shadow problem with my camera lens.

This is the first motif:



And the second:



I’ll try and retake those pictures for my next update, so that you’re not seeing so much shadow.  The color variations that you’re seeing in the pictures are actually caused by varying the number of strands of thread that I’m cross-stitching with.   I’m finding the technique to be complicated, but fascinating.


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