What We’re Doing This Week: May 2, 2013

This was an exciting week for me.  Rose was baptized.  It wasn’t my idea.  I wouldn’t have actually wanted to have a six year old baptized, but she came to me and told me that since she was saved that she wanted to be baptized.  Hubby and I said, “Of course.  We’re so proud of the decision that you’ve made.”  I got to be in the back with her as she went up the stairs, and it was totally awesome.  She was baptized to the song Amazing Grace, and I admit that I felt very emotional.  Before she was baptized, she sat on the steps of the baptistery and sang along with the choir’s praise songs.  She was much calmer than I really thought she’d be.

Rose baptism

As an adult, I had such an appreciation for baptism and the meaning behind it than I realized.  I didn’t realize how much joy it would bring to my heart to see my child baptized.  It was a wonderful rainy Sunday.

We’ve studied bugs a little more this week.  Mostly, we’ve focused on moths and butterflies, but we found this gem of a You Tube video about ants.  Firecracker watched it a dozen times at least.  We’ve also started work on some paper mache insects.  I think they’re going to be really cool.  We used Firecrackers 260 size balloon animal balloons and I know that these models are going to be huge!

We also started learning a little bit about Japan and Ninjas this week.  We decided to start with Mount Fuji, so we’re in the middle of making our own replica Mount Fuji to set off.  We have a lot of projects in progress this week, and not a single thing completed.

Around the House


Also, the thing that was most exciting for the kids this week was a surprise that Hubby brought them home.  He brought them a black Labrador puppy that the kids promptly named Ninja.  They’re in love and I’m pretty sure that Ninja’s really starting to bond with them too.

Of course, having a new puppy was a great excuse to watch some dog Mythbusters.  Fun and interesting and always educational.


Hubby got his stitches out today, so he’s finally past the infection and surgery that we’ve been dealing with the past few weeks with him.  I am so glad.

I also can’t leave you without sharing some toddler cuteness from my Owlet.  I just can’t stop taking pictures of her cute little self 🙂


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6 thoughts on “What We’re Doing This Week: May 2, 2013

  1. Insects are always fun to learn about. We actually seem to circle around to study them every few years. Your kids sure seem happy about the new puppy!

  2. You’re right. She does have toddler cuteness going on there! Love the puppy photo 🙂 Congrats on the new pup and hubby getting over surgery! Have a great weekend!

  3. Rebecca, how wonderful about her baptism. Our church has baptism this past weekend also. Isn’t it just the most wonderful day? Even more so for you I am sure. Insect studies are SO much fun! This is a perfect time of the year for them. I will check out that YouTube video. We LOVE YouTube! Isn’t it great? Happy weekend.

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