Thankfulness: May 1, 2013

I sat down to write this post on Sunday night.  Instead The God who sees  spilled out.  That ended up being a good post for me and my week.  It’s been kind of a down week so far, so I delighted in taking a few minutes to sit down and write about the blessings that God has given me.

Here’s my list.

208.  Making earth day cupcakes with the kids.

209.  Listening to Monkey count and say, “One, two, blee, four…”

210.  The peace that God has put in my heart

211.  Craft time with the younger kids.

212.  Being sent to Hobby Lobby with a list of craft supplies for Firecracker’s projects

213.  Dinner at Moe’s

214.  Rose’s Baptism

215.  Rainy days

216.  Homemade bread

217.  Cleaned off dining room table

218.  Firecracker’s new obsession with Mythbusters

219.  Genesis 16:11…I thank Him for seeing my problems

220.  My Grandfather is resting well

221.  Our new puppy, Ninja

222.  A relaxing Mom’s night out

223.  Memories of my Grandfather

224.  No headache today

225.  Reading to the kids

226.  Looking at the crafts the children have taped to the window

227.  Being able to cry today.

Looking at my list, I realize that I need to write a little explanation.  My grandfather is dying with cancer.  He’s at the end, and they’re keeping him rested and comfortable as they can now.  I’m a swirl of emotions.  I’m thankful for the memories that I have.  I’m sad at the thought that I’ll probably never see him again in this life.  It’s been a long fight for him.  There are so many things I am sad about, but still the glimmers of gratitude are there.

I’m most grateful for the place of quiet rest that I’ve been brought to.  I’m grateful for the God who sees what I’m going to and who knows what I need before I can even ask for it.


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