What We’re Doing This Week: April 25, 1013

This has been a good but exhausting week.  My Hubby finally had surgery on his arm Friday.  When he was in his hospital gown, laying on the hospital bed, I wished aloud that I had brought my camera.  He told me that he was so glad that I didn’t! It must be hard to be married to a wife who wants to take pictures all the time 🙂

We also had science fair this week.  I loved the way that Firecracker’s display board turned out.  He really learned a lot about robots and he didn’t mind telling everyone about it.

science fair


We played a very long game of Monopoly Saturday afternoon with Firecracker.  Rose and I also taught Monkey how to play Candy Land.  Well, he didn’t quite get it, but he had lots of fun.

I’ve been having a little difficulty with tantrums with Firecracker, and I’ve been assigning him sentence copywork with a goal of helping him to stop yelling at me….or beautiful handwriting.  I’m not sure which will actually happen.  I’ve tried this as a discipline method before, but didn’t have good follow through.   I recently finished reading Heartfelt Discipline , and I’ve felt convicted to find a method of correction and stick with it….I rarely yell at him, so it’s very frustrating for me to be yelled at.  I’ve been trying to be very conscientious of not modeling yelling though to make sure that I’m not encouraging it.

Earth day was Monday, and we made cupcakes.  We also collected ants and worked a little on the insect unit study that we’ve been using.  It was cool because later that day or Tuesday, we watched a bug special on Mythbusters, and we had just read about the Goliath beetle in the unit study stuff.

through the week


Firecracker has been working with my Dad and he did that two days this week.  I’m hoping earning the money and doing some meaningful work will have a spillover effect at home.  He has enjoyed going and spending the time with my Dad.

While Firecracker’s been gone, I’ve been doing pretty painting and crafts with the other children.  It was so much fun, and they were so proud of their art!!




We went to my Grandparents’ house for a little while one afternoon.  I enjoyed watching the boys pet the dog, and everyone seemed to enjoy each other.

This week was the last week at Community Bible Study, and Firecracker’s group performed.  They were really cute and sweet.  We’re really going to miss CBS this summer.

As an aside, in the collage below, the alphabet and the 100 chart is Rose’s work.  She was really proud of them because she’s been working hard on her handwriting, and because the 100 chart turned out looking like a Minecraft tree.  She was also really excited today when we found a brown grasshopper.

with pansy


I also caught lots of cute toddler antics.  They are so cute.  They love each other so much and fight with each other so much.  They’re both at adorable stages right now 🙂

toddler antics


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9 thoughts on “What We’re Doing This Week: April 25, 1013

    1. Thank you. He’s actually had a better than average week after I posted about it. Isn’t that the way it always goes?

  1. Your kids always look like they are having such fun. I love the Robot project. You are lucky to have so much family time. I hope your hubby is recovering.

    1. We do seem to have a lot of fun 🙂 Thank you. He’s recovering quite nicely and should get his stitches out tomorrow.

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