Pinterest Project: Earth Day Cupcakes

I’ve been seeing these earth day cupcakes all over Pinterest the past month.  I have to admit that as much as I like crafts, sometimes I have a hard time with food crafts.  I just haven’t done that many so I don’t have a lot of skill with them yet.

Still, something about the heart in the center appealed to me.  So, on Earth day, I told the kids that today was Earth Day and because “God so loved the world” we were going to make some earth cupcakes with hearts on the inside.  That quickly earned me three kitchen helpers (Owlet just stood there and began demanding “Ceke!!”)

The first thing we did was to mix up a white cake mix that I had in the panty.  Then, we divided the batter up about 60/40 and dyed one blue and one green.  As an aside, Firecracker began telling me that I must believe wrongly, just like Christopher Columbus that the earth was mainly land and not water.  At least he’s criticizing with history facts!

I gave each Rose and Firecracker each a color and let them begin filling up the cups.  They decided to make patterns that looked like different continents and islands like Hawaii.  We couldn’t tell what was what after we baked, but it was a good idea.



You’ll note that my food colored batter is awfully light.  The original post on Pinterest is probably colored with gel food coloring to get such vibrant colors.

We baked the cupcakes and the kids decided to go out and watch bugs.  They collected ants in their bug carriers.



When they came back, they had lost interest in the project.  So, I did what any good Mom would do and decorated cupcakes by myself.  I cut each cupcake in half with a bread-knife, and decided that it was too much work to cut out a heart with a cookie cutter.  So, instead I mixed some canned frosting up with red food coloring and freehanded a pink heart on the inside of each cupcake with a plastic bag filled with frosting.  It made the cupcakes kind of like cupcake sandwiches.  I liked that effect because you could just barely see the pink around the edges of the cupcake holding the two sides together.  I reasoned that it was kind of like God’s love holding the world together.

Earth Day Cupcakes



They’re not as pretty as the original, but we agreed that they’re delicious.


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