Thankfulness: April 15, 2013

This afternoon I sat on my living room couch feeling sorry for myself with my pounding headache.  No chores were done.  No schoolwork was completed.  My migraine had forced us all to take a break from our everyday routine.  I thought I had had a bad day.

When my head could stand it, I turned on the computer and saw the news from Boston.  I realized that I had not had a bad day.  I was thankful for my day.  Perspective is a beautiful thing.

Today, I pray for those affected by the tragedy in Boston, and I almost didn’t write my thankfulness post.  However, thankfulness is becoming, for me, an act of worship, and I didn’t want to miss out on the chance to worship while I had it.  So, here’s my list:

185.  How well my kids are playing together.  Homeschooling has drawn them so much closer.

186.  singing birds

187. Hand-me-downs

188.  Sub sandwich for dinner

189.  Playing outside.

190.  Long talks with Rose

191.  All of the ideas that Firecracker has

192.  Firecracker got his DS back.  His grounding is officially over.

193.  Owlet’s second birthday!!



194.  Bribing my Sunday school class to participate with candy 🙂

195.  My new Kindle charger

196.  Feeling at peace with life

197.  Buying lots of living books to strew for the kids.

198.  Realizing that my headache today is only the second one I’ve had this year.

199.  Firecracker’s strong sense of right-and-wrong and fair play.

200.  Rose’s excitement over going to baptism class this week.


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