Butterfly Themed Lunch

Last week we decided to have a butterfly themed lunch and watch butterfly movies on the computer.  I wanted to just share a brief rundown of the “butterflies” that we ate 🙂

Butterfly Themed Lunch


Butterfly eggs–Peanut M&Ms

Caterpillars and Cocoons–Breakfast sausage links with crescent rolls wrapped around them.  This was popular with the big kids, but the toddlers didn’t eat these.  They love hot dogs in blankets, so I’m sure the breakfast sausage was too strong a flavor.

Butterflies–I broke the quarter sheet of graham cracker in half and spread it with peanut butter.  Then, we put tiny twist pretzels on each side of the graham cracker to be its wings.

The strawberries are just there to balance out the meal with some fruit.  For an authentic butterfly themed meal, I should have thought to offer oranges instead of strawberries.

Nectar–For butterfly nectar, we had orange juice mixed with cranberry juice.  This was a straight 1:1 ratio, and I loved it too!


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