What We’re Doing: April 11, 2013

This week Spring has definitely sprung in our area.  We’ve ditched the books most days for playing outside at home or at Nana & Grandad’s.  So, I don’t have any pictures of cool projects for you.  Instead, I mostly have pictures of toddler cuteness 🙂


We did manage to put together Firecracker’s tin can robot.  We’ve done a little more reading about bugs and insects.  We’ve also spent a lot of time outside looking for bugs.  We’ve found ants, ladybugs, and wasps and bees.  We haven’t found the grasshoppers and crickets that the kids are hoping to find though.  It might take until later in the summer to find those.

We read another Magic Tree House Book together and a book called Strawberry Girl.  Both were enjoyed by all.


We also have been observing our butterflies.  They broke free of their cocoons on Sunday, and the kids were so excited about it 🙂

This week, one of the most fun things we did was to have a butterfly themed lunch and watch some videos about butterflies.  That led us into a Magic School Bus marathon.   After all, I don’t know anyone who can just watch one Magic School Bus.


This has ended up being the perfect time to study bugs as we’re just itching to get out into the Spring weather.  Rose did a great job picking themes.

Since we tend to study topics by themes, and the kids take turns picking our studies, I asked Firecracker to pick our next study so that  I could begin to gather resources and search the internet for ideas to strew for them.  Firecracker picked Ancient Japan and Ninjas.  There is not a plethora of ideas on that topic for kids his age.  Still, I managed to find some resources and pinned them on Pinterest and ordered them from Amazon.

In the meantime, we’re going to be continuing with insects at least as long as the interest holds up 🙂  I have a few neat projects and ideas for next week, so I’m hoping for a fun week.  I’m also hoping for a lot more toddler cuteness.

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4 thoughts on “What We’re Doing: April 11, 2013

  1. Oh, it does look super spring-y there! You have GREEN GRASS! LOL We still have some snow, but not for long…and I see some patches of green starting. We were doing a lot of the same here this past week: running around the muddy yard, building stuff in the woods, chasing chickens and ducks, and riding scooters. Certainly nice to get outside again without piles of snow clothing.

  2. What a great week. I think everyone who is seeing signs of spring is outdoors this week. We love magic school bus dvd’s.
    Blessings, Dawn

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