What We’re Doing This Week: April 4, 2013

This has been a very nice week.  I love any week that includes Easter in it 🙂  I tried to make sure that we spent a good portion of the weekend focusing on Jesus, and we started working on a new theme this week too.  

We spent a big part of the day on Friday reading from our Jesus Storybook Bible and dying Easter eggs.  We might also have watched the Charlie Brown Easter beagle DVD, but we tried to spend most of our day focusing on Jesus and what he’s done for us.  Hubby even brought us a new surprise home–the new “What’s in the Bible?” movie.  



Saturday was awesome too!  It warmed up just enough to be a delightful day to go to our church’s Easter egg hunt and program for kids.  It was so nice to be able to pull out shorts and put everyone in Spring clothes.  I was also secretly thrilled that Firecracker and Monkey wanted to dress in matching t-shirts.



These are some more pictures from our Easter egg hunting and Easter Sunday.  One of our highlights of the weekend was making a peep sunflower cake to take to have Easter lunch with my family.  The kids really enjoyed making it.



This week we also started working on an insect theme.  We’ve been reading through The Very Hungry CaterpillarThis was also a good opportunity to work with Rose on story sequencing and on seeing if she could read her days of the week.  She did well, with just a little help by Firecracker.  

We also started learning about grasshoppers using the Amanda Bennett Incredible Insects unit study materials.  We had a jump like a grasshopper contest.  Firecracker barely won, but still came no where close to the impressive grasshopper jumping length of 20 times its body length.

We made Resurrection cookies on Monday, and I ate and ate and ate them.  I’ve also turned Firecracker into a Pinterest junkie and he made Angry Birds cube dolls this week.  They turned out pretty cool. 



We did plenty of television watching, a little playing with Mr. Potato Heads and some robot science.  Rose also got obsessed with making coffee filter snowflakes and made about 20 one day!



I also have great news.  Monkey has finally decided that he’s big enough to start using the toilet, and I’m very excited.  He’s currently loving being a big boy with underwear.  I’m hoping that it’s a trend for him 🙂

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