Thankfulness: March 26, 2013

I’m not good at this.  I think that’s why I need the practice of thanking God for everything he’s given me…most of which I never even thought to ask for.  However, here are a few things that I remembered to write down over the past couple of weeks.

127.  We’ve had enough money to pay all our bills…and provide for a few emergencies and extras

128.  a couple of restful days at home

129.  My CBS study of Galatians

130.  Firecracker’s birthday.  I find it hard to believe he’s really eight.  In my mind, he’s only about three 🙂


131.  When his infection started coming back, the doctor was able to call Hubby in more medicine.  (They looked at him today, and will again in two weeks. )

132.  A gift of Easter clothes for the kids.  They’re even matching!


133.  Watching The Hobbit.  Next time I get a few kid-free hours, I might just watch it again!!  I’m very excited for part two this fall.

134.  Green.  My Firecracker’s favorite color.  He still fights the other kids to get a green chair, pencil or notebook 🙂

135.  A fun study of robots.

136.  Listening to the rain.

137.  Using the Bible app on my Kindle.

138.  Time to read and study my Bible while cuddling with my little night owl.

139.  Peanut Butter chocolate chip oatmeal.  The kids love it. (Recipe coming next week!)

140.  Shopping with Owlet.

141.  Sunday clothes

142.  “Me time” at a restaurant!

143.  Soft breathing of children sleeping.

144.  A good church

145.  Kids creating more and more cardboard robots.


146.  Field trip for a science show.


147.  the book I’m reading for a book review.  I expect that you’ll see my thoughts on it in the next week or two.

148.  A day of focusing on Jesus’s death and on the Roman army and centurions.  Yes those are balloon swords and homemade centurion helmets that they’re wearing!



149.  Looking forward to celebrating Easter.  I told the kids this morning that my goal was to spend the rest of our week focusing on Easter and that we could get back to robots and begin studying insects (yes, that’s our next study) after Easter.



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