Left to Right Progression Revisited

Left to Right Progression Revisited

I was looking at my blog stats tonight.  Actually, I mostly looked at search engine results.  I noticed that over and over again one particular search phrase brought people to my blog.  The phrase?  Left to right progression.

I have a post I wrote a while back on it based on an activity that I did with the kids.  I’m writing on my Kindle, so I didn’t search for the post (Sorry.).  I did think I’d throw out a couple more simple things for seekers though.

1.  If I have a young child who is doing worksheets or copywork/handwriting, I place a star or dot sticker on the left hand side of the page so that they’ll know where to start.

2.  When we read a picture book, sometimes I point at the words as we read.  They will notice that we always start on the left hand side of the page.

3.  I have one child (Rose) who consistently put her shoes on the wrong feet.  I started putting a sticker inside the left shoe.  It didn’t completely cure it.  She often didn’t take the time to look at her shoes before putting them on.

I’m more patient now than I used to be.  I now trust that they’ll eventually get it right without much help from me.  In the meantime, hokey pokey, Simon says, and simply giving directions using left/right, etc. is enough exposure to the idea for most kids to get it.


One thought on “Left to Right Progression Revisited

  1. Love these ideas, simple and helpful. The star on the paper is a great idea. I remember when I worked at the Montessori the teacher would play a “game” with them, she had them stand up and they followed these instructions, that she sort of said in a sing song voice “Left to the window, right to the door, up to the ceiling, down to the floor”
    And of course, in the Montessori the children learn to do all their activities left to right to help with that progression.
    Thanks for stopping by and sharing with Throwback Thursday Blog-Style. Glad to have you joining in.

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