What We’re Doing This Week: March 21

It’s felt like a really busy week here.  I guess it’s a good thing that we got so much rest the week before with the sicknesses because we were really busy feeling all week this week.

Friday and Saturday we did a little bit of robot art.  We make a painting.  We made some shrinky-dinks that I had bought.  We make a robot out of a kit of stickers and wheels that we paired with recyclables.  We made caterpillars out of clay and painted them.  We are serious artists.


Speaking of caterpillars, Rose got in her caterpillars that she’s so excited about observing this week.


This weekend was warm and sunny.  It was the perfect time to go over to Nana and Grandad’s and play with some baby chicks.  Rose said that they aren’t as cute now that they’re not babies, but  I think that they’re prettier now that they’re growing some of their little adult feathers in.  They’re also still covered in fluff, so they’re cute in an awkward adolescent sort of way.


I have to post this collage partially because I love the picture of Monkey on my Kindle.  He’s found this puzzle game and he loves it.  In fact, right now, all the other kids but him are asleep.  I’m on the laptop, Hubby’s on the big computer playing Minecraft, and Monkey’s on my Kindle playing his little puzzle game.


I also spent some time at church events this week.  It’s rare for me to post pictures of myself, but I really like this photo that a gentleman at church took of me praying with my Wednesday night class (I average 5-6 two and three year olds, and they’re all boys.).  I also participated in a ladies night of cooking and crafting at the church.  I got to cook and make a chicken salad, and this is a picture of me at my cooking station.


Firecracker did quite a bit of Lego building this week, and we started making some Easter crafts.  If you look at bottom left corner of the collage below, you’ll also see that Owlet finally has hair long enough for a ponytail.  I am so charmed by her toddler cuteness!


One of the reasons why Firecracker spent so much of his week playing Lego is because he had a birthday this week and two new sets of Legos to explore.  He also got tons of Angry Bird stuff and a balloon animal making kit.  In fact, I spent part of my evening this evening playing Angry Birds Star Wars Jenga Tatooine Battle with him.  It’s kind of awesome and fulfilling to spend time flinging a round plastic bird through the air with a slingslot at blocks and little plastic pigs.  Just saying.

Firecracker is eight this week, and he’s wonderful and special, and he’s flourishing at home in a way that he wasn’t at school.  Even though we never did the school full-time, and always did it as a hybrid of homeschooling, I can see now how it was harming him to try and measure up to a standard that he wasn’t ready for and to be compared socially to kids that he just wasn’t the same as.  There are two things that I can point to as successes for this year and one of them is the return to Firecracker’s self-confidence.  He’s a much less nervous and unhappy than he was before, and I know the time and love at home has a lot to do with it.  We celebrate his successes now as his successes and not in combination of where other people feel he should be at (socially and academically).  That’s reason enough to keep me homeschooling even when the days are hard.

Firecracker's birthday

I’m so glad that God has given him to us and we’ve gotten to spend this fantastic and fun eight years.  I’m looking forward to watching him continue to grow and mature.

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