Thankfulness: March 11

It’s been a long week of sickness and not much sleeping going on around here.  I thought we’d turned a corner, and then my husband had a spot abscess under his arm that had to be drained and stitched up today, and my Owlet sits here with a runny nose and a 101 degree fever watching Diego as I type this.  <sigh>  There’s just something about this time of year.  However, as I think about my difficulties this week, they really seem minor compared to what so many are going through.  I look around and I’m very thankful.  This is my list this week.

113.  Movie night with the Hubby at home (even though Monkey managed to stay awake for most of it).

114.  Firecracker telling me that “with God there are forever chances.  He doesn’t stop forgiving.”

115.  cross-stitching

116.  Apple plum crisp

117.  Sharpie pens

118.  Monkey tattling on Owlet by saying: “Ellie kicked me like a soccer ball”

119.  The smell of cilantro in my kitchen

120.  The kids laughing and playing, “Duck, Duck, Goose!”

121.  Hubby went to the doctor

122.  Pain drives us to find a cure.

123.  Cuddling with my sick babies.

124.  Food in the cupboard

125.  Winning a free unit study.  The kids picked Independence Day.

126.  On the bad days, when it seems impossible to homeschool, I know that it’s God call to our lives.  It keeps me going in times that I’d rather not.  (Sometimes, we just have so much personality in our house!)


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