What We’re Doing This Week

This week started off fun.  I didn’t think we were going to do anything for Dr. Seuss’s birthday, but Rose demanded Cat in the Hat hats and Green Eggs and Ham for breakfast.  We also read several of our Dr. Seuss books and found a Cat in the Hat cartoon on You Tube.  That was a good way to spend a Saturday because I’ve always loved our Dr. Seuss books.


We did our monthly grocery shopping Saturday night.  Since I don’t do much shopping, I really do get all excited about going to the grocery store.  (If you’re laughing, I can promise that I’m laughing at myself too!!)

Monday, we started back to working on robot stuff, and I felt like we had a very productive day.  We made toilet paper roll robots.


We made popcorn sheep, even though we actually ate the popcorn instead of putting it on the sheep.


We even made a cake based on one of the toy robots that we’d been watching You Tube videos on.


Then, Tuesday morning, Monkey woke up with a tummy bug.  <sigh>  So much potential week wasted on the tummy bug after that.  Monkey, Owlet and I all three nursed upset tummies.  The older kids and Hubby seemed to have escaped if for now.

By today, we were back into the stream of working.  Even with the tummy bugs, we’ve kept reading and learning (with lots of breaks for movie watching), but today we’ve produced a lot and been a lot more hands-on. It’s good to feel like working again 🙂

We read the story of Jesus healing the servant of the Centurion soldier today, and made Centurion sand art.  This was not just fun, but was a great sensory play for Monkey.  Even Firecracker was just scooping sand and letting it fall back into the containers at the end.  I forgot about how much kids love sand.


Later, we listened to more about robots, and we made a timeline out of the dates that we’ve already learned in robot history.


While the big kids were creating, the little kids wanted to try to use some of the Let’s Cut Paper Kumon workbooks that I had bought for them to play with.  They wouldn’t let me teach them proper scissor grip, but they really enjoyed gouging at the paper.  The hard part was getting the scissors away from them 🙂


This evening, Firecracker was showing me some of his drawings.  He’s combined his love of Angry Birds and his love of Ninjas to make Ninja Pigs.  He is getting just a little more original with his ideas (or at least better at combining the unoriginal ones)  He was drawing a Captain America Angry Bird the other day.


Well, I guess that’s our week in a nutshell.  I’d have to say we had a pretty fun week 🙂



5 thoughts on “What We’re Doing This Week

  1. Love the picture of your kids sitting around the table scooping sand! I hope you’ll consider adding this to my end of the week link up, Its a Wrap.

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