Our Lilliput Robot Cake

Lilliput Robot Cake

Our homeschool group has a science fair this year.  Every year they have some kind of a fair, but this year’s theme is “science.”  When I put the fair on the calendar and asked the kids if they wanted to do a display, Firecracker immediately said, “Yes.  I want to build a robot.”

As it happened, I had bought an Amanda Bennett unit study called Rocking Robots that I had bought in a sale after Thanksgiving.  Firecracker loved working through the Football Frenzy unit back in January, so he was very excited to work on Rocking Robots.

One of the robots that we’ve encountered so far in Rocking Robots is a toy robot named Lilliput.  After seeing a link to this cake, we decided to bake a much smaller version of our own.

We used one cake mix and mixed it up according to normal directions.  We baked it in a Jellyroll pan for about 25 minutes.  After it cooled, we cut it into pieces.  We cut the cake in half and then cut one half into halves again.  So, we used one-fourth of the cake as the main part of the robot’s body.  We took another fourth and cut it into halves for legs.  We took a little bit off the bottom of the legs and stacked them on top of the legs for shoes.

Then, I turned to the other half of the cake.  I cut part of the cake away and discarded it, so that when I cut the remainder of the cake in half, I had two squares.  One square became the head.  The other square was cut into fourths.  Two pieces became the arms.  One piece was cut into half and became the hands.  The final piece got cut into smaller pieces for the ears.  A small piece of remaining cake was discarded.

I didn’t have any fondant, or any desire to make any, so I quickly whipped up some vanilla buttercream.  This is recipe that I usually use.

Vanilla Buttercream

3 oz cream cheese, softened

1 stick of butter, softened

2 tsp vanilla

3 tbsp milk

16 oz powdered sugar

Beat together the butter and cream cheese.  Add the vanilla.  Alternate tablespoons of milk with powered sugar until the taste and consistency is right.

I tinted most of the cake a light orange, but saved small bowls of buttercream for white and black icing.  We used Twizzlers for the nose and mouth.  We’re not going to win any awards for fancy cake decorating, but we’re pretty proud of the end result 🙂


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