Our Homeschool Week: February 21, 2012

I don’ t have any pictures this week because I’m posting from my Kindle Fire.  Why?  Rose stood on my computer and broke it.  Seriously. She killed it and I’m getting a new computer–a cool much better Alienware computer.  It’s an example of God’s miraculous provision. I wasn’t expecting a tax return and was surprised when I filed taxes last month and realized that we were getting one.  We received our tax return on Friday.  Our computer died on Tuesday.

We have had a fun-filled week though.

We have:

–played lots of addition and subtraction games. Firecracker’ s favorite is Minus Mission.

–read 5 Larryboy chapter books.  My voice is tired some days 🙂

–had a lot of fun downloading free “Learn to Draw” books on my Kindle.  Firecracker has drawn a lot.

–Rose has practiced reading some using a McGuffey reader.

–continued reading through Exodus.

–watched “What’s in the Bible? Vol. 3”  and “Hotel Transylvania”

–made vampire paper bag puppets and David and Goliath paper bag puppets.

–watched Larryboy DVDs over and over again

–been to the dentist.  No cavities!

–made Angry Bird chalk pastel drawings.

–watched videos of and read about the Eiffel tower.

–made Eiffel tower oil pastel drawings.

–Rose has played a lot of Starfall Gingerbread man app and Curious George paint mixing.

–drew pictures of what we thought heaven looked like.  There is apparently a lot of glitter in heaven.

–read tons of books and made pictures with star stickers with the toddlers.

–looked up Australia in our world atlas and tried to figure out how much of Australia was the Outback.

–started reading “All of a Kind Family” and “The Cat of Bubastes”

–watched some vintage 1968 “Mr. Rogers Neighborhood”

–read more Max and Liz.

–had friends over for dinner.

And I think that about sums up the most interesting things we’ve done this week.  I finished a little cross-stitch piece and will be posting some pictures once I get a computer.  It sounds like it’s going to be another ten days, so I’m lucky I’ve got my Kindle.


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