New Concepts for Firecracker this Week

I thought I would start a semi-regular blog feature this week.  New Concepts is going to focus on connections that the kids are pulling out of books, television, and other parts of life and absorbing into their knowledge base.

I do a weekly wrap-up that covers the big concepts and areas that we’re working on each week. This feature is going to be for the completely random.

1.  “Arms”–We read Thanksgiving on Thursday this week and the subject of “arms exercises” came up in the book.  Firecracker was so fascinated that this was another word that the Pilgrims used for guns that he’s brought it up several times.  I did mention that we still use that word some for guns today sometimes.

2.  “Decay”–This came straight from Sid the Science Kid.  We were watching some episode on there, and it was about the concept of decay.  I didn’t realize that Firecracker had learned the word/lesson until a day or two later when he told me that I had bananas “decaying” in the kitchen.

That’s all the random bits that I can think of right now, but I just wanted to start trying to keep track of a few of them.


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