Olympic Wreaths

We’re busy crafting to countdown to the Olympic games this week.  We’ve been reading about how the prizes in the ancient Greek games were not medals, but we wreaths, so I suggested that we make wreaths today.  The kids drew lots of leaves, which I then cut out.  (This project is like the lazy way to make wreaths that I found by about four different sources on Pinterest)

We made a complete mess with bunches of liquid glue and thin little paper plates gluing it all down.

It took it a good 24 hours to try, and if I tell the truth, I have to admit that I was worried that it would never be dry enough to wear because, after all, the plates were really flimsy, and the kids used a ton of glue.

Still, they came together well.  I think Rose and Monkey enjoyed the end products more than Firecracker.  They’ve been wearing their “special crowns” all day, and I’ve been correcting them by saying “olive wreaths”.  They’ll pick it up eventually 🙂

Olympic Olive Wreaths


I love the way Monkey wanted to pose for me and even turned around for me to take a picture of the back of his head, just the way that I did with the two big kids.



2 thoughts on “Olympic Wreaths

  1. Very cute wreaths. I have to admit, I learned something new today (and it is still so early). I never knew they used wreaths. Cool! I am pinning this to my Olympics board for future reference. Thanks for sharing over at Throwback Thursday Blog Style. I can’t wait to see what you share this week.

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