Rice Krispie Peeps


Rice Krispie Peeps

Between grandparents and the Easter buuny, my four kids ended up with TONS of peeps.  I couldn’t imagine giving the kids that much pure sugar, so I decided to make a more fun treat for the kids that I didn’t feel quite as bad about giving them–in moderation–as a desert.

So, I used pink peeps to make rice krispie treats.  Here’s the measurements I used, just in case you’re interested.

3 Tbsp. butter

30 marshmallow peeps

6 cups rice krispies treats

I melted the butter and peeps in the microwave.  It took two minutes, and we stirred every 30 seconds or so.  Then, we stirred the cereal in and spread it in a 13×9 inch pan that I had sprayed with butter flavored cooking spray.

This was the perfect cooking project to have the kids help me with.  They loved the measuring and stirring.  Most of all, they loved seeing the peeps melt in the microwave.  I thought later that this would have made a cute treat for Easter with jellybeans sprinkled on it.


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