Left/Right Hands

I have apparently been neglectful in my teaching of Firecracker and Rose.  Rose doesn’t know left from right at all, but she is only five.  Firecracker just turned seven, and most of the time he knows left from right.  However, when he looks at his hands, he doesn’t know which is left and which is right.  Is that clear?  Probably as clear as mud….left…right…left…right

Anyway, today we made little hand reminders to help remind them which hand is which.  I had pictured them decorating their “hands” colorfully and beautifully, but they had no desire to actually make their hands look good.  Still, I thought that I’d blog this in the spirit of “honesty” 🙂

Here are Firecracker’s hands.  You might notice that he didn’t even cut around the outlines very well, but he did draw Aflac ducks on each hand.

Here are Rose’s hands.  She made me cut them out with her whining.  Then, she got out a black stamp pad and used her fingers to decorate instead of stamps.  She also drew a little on one hand.  Then, she decorated my door and my bathtub with her black ink.  It was all quickly cleaned off with baby wipes.

Working on Left and Right

Despite their lack of enthusiasm, Firecracker’s already been checking it out, and playing with the hands themselves.  He’s not the one who needs it the most, but he still occasionally needs a reminder 🙂


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