Shadow and Sun Experiment

Firecracker has been studying space at school.  They use Purposeful Design Science, and it’s a good basic science for a first grader, but it’s not really my thing.  I can confess that, right?

Anyway, the last unit in the first grade book is on space, and his classroom is actually doing some interesting things with it–including some cool home assignments.  I have to say that we did something very fun yesterday.  His teacher put on the lesson plans to go outside three times yesterday–around 8 am, at noon, and at four pm.  Each time we went out we were to measure his shadow by drawing it with chalk.

shadow sun

When we went out at 8 am, I got lots of complaints.  After all, I had awakened him and made him get dressed, and it was cold, etc. 🙂  However, when we got out side his had this long skinny shadow.  It was so long that I put him at the edge of the driveway and that proved to be a mistake later in the day!

Isn’t that cool?  By noon his shadow had already shifted and was much smaller.

By the time we went outside at 4 pm, his shadow had completely shifted all the way over to the grass.  I tried as hard as I can to trace that too, but I barely left a mark on the dirt and grass.


We were able to see that the sun was definitely changing it’s place in our sky just by looking at the differences in our shadows, and that is something that I must confess we’ve never seen before!!


2 thoughts on “Shadow and Sun Experiment

  1. I love this idea of tracing shadows. Unfortunately, we either have grass or stone driveway or dirt road. We have gone out and measured them before, when we were doing the S:Sun unit in My Father’s World Kindergarten. But I really like the way the shadows look when traced. I am going to have to find a place to do this with the children for when we start MFW K again in the fall.
    Thanks for sharing with Throwback Thursday Blog-Style. Sorry it took me so long to come visit.

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